Importing Made Easy!

DataBlaster is an online data import tool that saves you vital time, and money!

The first ever online database migration tool that can be accessed directly from your internet browser.

We take the hassle out of sending, structuring and validating data in bulk.

It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Upload

Your customers and vendors can upload bulk data directly from their web browser! DataBlaster is compatible with any data source, from excel to csv and mysql.

2. Process

Next, DataBlaster will take the user through a simple validation process. Once they are happy that the data matches, and is validated according to the desired schema, it's on to step 3!

3. Import

The data is ready to be imported to your database! All of the hassle of processing and compatibility issues are a thing of the past. You're happy, your vendor is happy and your business is happy.

What makes DataBlaster different?

The first ever data importing web app!

No more complex software. DataBlaster is the first ever web app that lets you import bulk data quickly, efficiently and in no time at all! All you need to do is embed it into your website, the same way you would a YouTube video.

We will notify you, too!

You don't need to sit at your computer, waiting for the migration to be completed. As soon as DataBlaster has done all of the hard work, it will simply go back to the URL you defined in the control panel. -You'll know that the work has been done, and can carry on with your day!

Control and automate your merged data, simply!

The client will always have 100% control over the way their data is merged! Once finished with the first migration to your secure database, this clever app will store the field mapping for them. The next time they need to migrate data, everything is stored for an even quicker transfer!

Get involved today, we promise to...

Save you time

Importing data from vendors and customers can be an extremely time consuming process, for you and them. DataBlaster saves you time by automating the whole process, and making it simple and easy to use. Accessible from a web browser, this data importing tool will be the best SaaS time saver you ever purchased!

Save you money

Time IS money, and processing data to migrate from one system to another can take up a lot of time. The automated process of DataBlaster ensures you can get on with your day, progressing your business and dealing with more important tasks.

Help you win!

The managed procedure of DataBlaster can help you save time and money, but also produces results. It's no good having a database import system, if there are constant errors and not healthy data. Our clever tool ensures that errors are discovered early, and your data remains healthy.

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